This Italian Village Was Dying...Until The Refugees Came

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National Geographic | September 2016

Centuries-old Italian villages were becoming ghost towns. Refugees were fleeing conflict and seeking new homes. The needs of each have come together in Camini, a 12th-century town whose population has dwindled to about 280 people—a quarter of what it once was. In hope of breathing new life into deserted neighborhoods, Camini has welcomed more than 80 refugees and immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Just a few miles away, refugees are landing on the coastline in droves. As of August 2016, more than 115,000 people had successfully made the harrowing journey across the Mediterranean to Italy. In 2014, a young Senegalese man named Assan Baldé crossed the most deadly route, from Libya, and was sent to Camini’s budding refugee program. There he found a second home and a second family with Cosmano Fonte.